The Azhiyur and Aikya Nanaya Sangam, formed in 11.12.1922 was transformed as AzhiyurService Co-Operative Bank Ltd. and registered as 7893 on 26.02.1972 and started functioning from 07.03.1972.

Currently, the Bank has been able to transform into a class 2 'Karshika Vaypa Sahakarana Sangam'. In terms of fixed assets, excluding the premise of the Bank's headquarters, Bank holds 2.5 cents in Azhiyuras a land asset. Also, there are two branches (near Azhiyur higher secondary school and Poozhithala Mubarak building) functioning under the Bank.

Partnering with Consumer Fed, Azhiyur Service Co-Operative Bank is proudly running a Neethi store in order to bring the money inflation under control. Also, the Bank has initiated delivering Social Security Pension to the eligible persons straight to their house.

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